Chapter 1 Review Of Python Basics

Python is very beginner friendly. Its conciseness, expressiveness and likeliness to English contributes to its choice for rookies. Its readability complements this and also it is an interpreted language. Just have a look at this Python Syntax tutorial and see it is to be a python person.

Chapter 2 Functions

function is a set of statements that take inputs, do some specific computation and produces output. The idea is to put some commonly or repeatedly done task together and make a function, so that instead of writing the same code again and again for different inputs, we can call the function

Chapter 3 Python Libraries

Python library is a reusable chunk of code that you may want to include in your programs/ projects. Compared to languages like C++ or C, a Python libraries do not pertain to any specific context in Python. Here, a ‘library‘ loosely describes a collection of core modules.